My life is all about doing what "I should."
We all do it. Live by our "shoulds."
What are "shoulds"?
Shoulds are sometimes little things that we do daily without thinking about it - we subconsciously believe that engaging in those actions makes us "right," "good" or a better person.
A “should” is something that you have convinced yourself (or you allowed someone else to convince you) that you must do in order to be a “good girl,” or “worthy,” “acceptable,” “appropriate,” “professional” etc…..
If you are living by your “shoulds,” you are likely doing activities that are expected of you (or ones you believe are expected of you), versus doing what you really want to do or doing what you are meant to do on this planet. Sometimes those things converge, but in our culture, most of the time, living by your “shoulds” sends you off in the wrong direction in life (i.e. the direction that doesn't make you feel alive, lit up, excited, happy and fulfilled).
A "should" is being the you that others have fit into one or more neat little boxes. As a mother, you “should” do certain things. As a responsible adult, you “should” do certain things. Etc…
Often, those roles and behaviors have nothing to do with the real you and what is actually best for you (or what makes you happy). They have more to do with societal expectations of “you” - the you that is not supposed to stand out, make waves, rock the boat or do anything outside of your little box.

Shoulds include anything from "you should not speak unless spoken to," "you should never climb a tree in a dress," "you should not eat dessert first," to bigger things like "you should not make your career a priority if you have kids," "you should go to church every Sunday," "you should go to college and get a good job with benefits and a pension" (even if you don't love the job you get).

Often, when you shine some light on why you are doing certain activities, you will realize that you don’t have to do those things at all, and those things are actually wasting precious time and energy - something none of us have unlimited amounts of. 

And yes, very often, making changes takes a lot of courage, because it will be making waves in your life, and it could impact the people around you. 

But I want to show you how to make changes that will make you a happier person, which in turn will make everyone around you much happier too (even if there is some momentary discomfort). 

I've done it, and you can too.

Life is too short to live by your shoulds.

What if you WANT to do just the things you love - things that light you up and make you excited to get out of bed… EVERY SINGLE DAY?
What if you WANT to do something meaningful before it is too late, (and so you don’t have a “oh crap, I blew it” moment on your death bed)?
What if you WANT to enjoy your life now, not when you retire and are too old, exhausted and out of shape (or health) to enjoy it?
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